Als hotel, mogen wij u als gast nog voorzien van maaltijden. Bekijk ons heerlijk Sleep & Dine! arrangement. Klik hier

House rules

House rules

The following rules are the house rules that apply in our hotel. You are obligated to obey by these rules. In case of violation of the house rules, we will deny access to the hotel and if necessary  the police will be informed.

  1. Liability
    The Management is not responsible for losing, theft or damage to your property.
  2. Access room by staff at Hotel Grand Canal.
    Hotel Grand Canal reserves the right to enter a room if the staff think it is necessary.
    Such as (suspected) breach of the house rules.
  3. Fire safety rules
    Instructions what to do in case of a fire are open to inspection at the reception desk.
    Do not panic and turn on immediately the nearest fire alarm.
  4. Property
    It is strongly forbidden to take hotel property outside the building. When causing any damage to hotel property, the perpetrator will be held responsible for all repair or renewal costs.
  5. Lost property
    Lost property can be brought at the reception.
  6. Sexual harassment
    Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  7. Smoking
    In Hotel Grand Canal it is NOT allowed to smoke. They will be sanctioned with a fine of at least € 100, it is prohibited by Dutch law to smoke inside.
  8. Video surveillance
    With your visit you agree that video recordings are made with our security ‘s after disturbances or accidents recordings can be shown to others.
  9. Food and drink
    It is not permitted to take food from the breakfast room
    The breakfast should be eaten in the breakfast room.
  10. Drugs
    Using, trading or possessing of any drugs is strongly forbidden. This includes hasj, marijuana and weed.

Beste gasten,
Per woensdag 14 oktober is de horeca helaas weer gesloten.
Als hotel, mogen wij u als gast echter wel nog voorzien van maaltijden.
Daarom zijn wij een samenwerking aangegaan met restaurant Moeke Delft. Wij hebben een heerlijk arrangement samengesteld, Sleep & Dine!
Het arrangement kunt u al boeken vanaf €65,- per persoon

Wij hopen u binnenkort te mogen verwelkomen in ons hotel!